SloFlyers 2nd July ALES contest July 25

Rick Johnston posted this email today;

Daryl is going to be CD for this contest. Daryl, let me know what task times you want for each round and what time you want for pilot’s meeting.

We’ll have to review the landing spot layout so we don’t conflict with each other on landing when we all make our task times.  It got a little dicey last contest. Safety is a primary goal. Doug you coming? Thor you back from Norway yet? Richard? Mike W?

Peripheral lurkers with powered sailplanes welcome, Must be an AMA member. Altitude limiting devices desirable but not mandatory for first few contests. Discussion about another club group buy for altitude cam devices is on going if you want to get one. $40.00 each when 10 or more are bought together, $50.00 bought individually. See you tomorrow.


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