Classified Ads (11-14-22)

Contact the Webmaster if you have RC items for sale and would like to have them listed below. Please include a description of each RC item for sale and your contact information. Photos are not required but a plus. 

  • From Alice Rogers (Don Rogers):  I finally have a list of things I have gathered. I would like to sell the “lot”. Piper J-3 Cub.60, Sig 4 Star 60, Sherman Pt7, Sig Astro Hog, Bull pup kit, Mr. Mulligan, Lanier 1/4 scale 200, Gollwock, dozens of plans, many props, fiberglass fuel tanks, engines, Zenoah Oil, transmitters, Pinnnacle charger, fuel tanks monokote many Magnum XL series engines, 3 OS engines, 18 cases of assorted neatly separated servos and parts, boxes of various sizes of balls, fiberglass covering. Asking $900.00 for the lot. Most days are available for me (after 10:30). Please call me to set up time and day. 805-473-3571 or email Alice at:

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