SloFlyers 2nd July ALES contest results

From Rick Johnston;

After a late start the contest got rolling. Everybody had at least one or two good flight scores. We had seven pilots starting with one dropping out after landing in the grape vineyards. Sorry about that Daryl. The lift was fantastic (when you were in it), sink was spectacular too (get out of there).

I think everyone had a good time. Fred’s reworked eppler 1234 winged scratch built plane did really well, the only problem was that it wouldn’t come down, some problem. The landing cone placement was good, so no real close fly bys this contest. We’re getting this ALES contest thing down!! If you didn’t make it out today you missed a fun time. See you August 8th for the next contest.

  Name    Score       %
1 Rick      4,000    100.00%
2 Fred     3,959     98.97%
3 Tony    3,304     82.60%
4 Wade   2,725      68.12%
5 Paul     2,521      63.03%
6 Steve   2,472      61.80%

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