SloFlyer Fun Fly Schedule Saturday April 19, 2014

SloFlyer Fun Fly Schedule Saturday April 19, 2014

Start Time: 9:00

  • Pilot briefing

Events: 9:30 – 11:30 (order to be determined on day of event)


  • Paper Coffee cans set across runway, whiffle ball on 20ʼ of string attached with tape to plane. Winner, most cans knocked over by ball.  Landing gear ball strikes not counted. Cans, balls, string and tape provided.

Object Drop (Tony Jacobson)

  • Cup attached to airplane with loose object inside. Any flying technique ok to drop object. Closest to target wins. cups and objects provided.

Dead Stick Spot Landing

  • Pilot told to kill motor at specific altitude, must land and taxi to specified spot.  Closest to line wins.

Spot Landing

  • Most number of touch and go landings in circle in three attempts wins

Taxi Slalom

  • Fastest time around three cones, plane must keep main gear on runway, 10 second penalty for knocking over cone, missed cone must be gone around again.

Motorized Gliders (Rick Johnston)

  • All up, last down wins


  • For first second, and third in each event

>>>>Lunch: 11:30 Hamburgers, chips and drinks<<<<

50/50 Drawing (Bill Lander)

  • Tickets $1 each, 6 tickets for $5, 12 tickets for $10 50% of gross goes to club.

Swap Meet

  • Ongoing


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