Results – ALES contest April 9, 2014

From Rick Johnston;

Heavy fog delayed the start of the contest this morning. Test flight to determine the ceiling were flown and a couple of planes disappeared (but reappeared luckily). It cleared finally and it turned sunny and bright.

Five pilots started the contest, Perry had to leave for an appointment. The lift was there but not easy to find; the sink was much easier to find.

Tony G did the best at finding lift and was first with 3883 points, Rick was second with 3791 points, Tony J was third with 3000 points, Morgan was fourth with 2934 and Perry was fifth with 1497 (only flew two rounds).

Tony G took first in landing with 37 points, Rick was second with 29 and Morgan was third with 11 points.

Next ALES contest will be on the Wednesday the 23rd of April. I think Daryl said he was ready to CD again.


Rank    Name            Score    Pcnt

1 Gallo, Tony           3883.2    100
2 Johnston, Rick    3791.5     97.64
3 Jacobson, Tony   3000       77.26
4 Wilson, Morgan  2934.2    75.56
5 Abbott, Perry       1427.7     36.77

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