September 2014 SloFlyers Club Meeting

SloFlyers September Club Meeting

Meeting brought to order at 9:15 September 13, 2014 by Tony Gallo

Members Present:

George Julian
Rick Johnston
Tony Jacobson
Don Rogers
Bill Lander
Tony Gallo
Perry Abbott
Paul Genshaw
Wade Akle
Dave Nowell
Mike Rittenhouse
Dee Carl


David Mayhew
Rick Jones


Glider pilots are cautioned to avoid the power lines on the southeast portion of the field.  100 feet of altitude is required to transit the area of the pits and power lines.  Existing No-Fly zones for powered airplanes are as published on the website.


A motion to award a contract to fill  cracks in the runway to Golden State Sealing and Stripping was made, seconded and approved. The work  will occur in the October, as scheduled by Golden State.  The field will be shut down the day of the work and the following day.  Weed removal along the edge of the runway will be done by members prior to the work by Golden State.  Saturday, October 4th will be the workday for weed removal.  We need members, flat shovels, leaf blowers and weed eaters.  Lunch will be provided for the workers.  Exact dates for the shutdown will be on the website and posted at the field.

Another Motion was made, seconded and approved  to obtain ten folding chairs for the trailer to replace the plastic resin chairs.   Mike Rittenhouse will research and procure the chairs.

Demonstration Airplane:

The club should have a simple, replaceable and easily maintained electric  airplane to introduce future  members to RC flying.  This plane  would be used for demonstration  flying and not for instruction.  New members will provide their own equipment for actual flying instruction.  Perry Abbott, Tony Jacobson and Mike Rittenhouse will research which plane would be the most effective club plane.  A recommendation will be made to Tony Gallo.

Meeting adjourned 10:15

Mike Rittenhouse
Secretary SloFlyers

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