First September ALES Contest Results

From Rick Johnston;

It was a magnificent day at SloFlyers field sunny blue skies lots of lift but lots of sink. There was some good flying done by everyone today, but Mike did the best at using the lift, way to go Mike, Tony J second and Rick third.

1 Wilson, Mike          3934.2
2 Jacobson, Tony     3717
3 Johnston, Rick      3599.1
4 Gallo, Tony            3398.6
5 Reikki, Daryl         3175.7
6 Wilson, Morgan   3012
7 Valko, Mike           2944.4
8 Genshaw, Paul     2812.7
9 Abbott, Perry       2476.7

We had a guest Wayne today who flys regularly with our PBSS thermal duration group and wanted to watch one our ALES contests. I think he will be coming to our contests. So welcome Wayne.

Next contest will be on September 24th and Tony J will be Cd. See you there.


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