PBSS annual New Years Day Cal Valley fun fly and BBQ

From Rick Johnston.

As PBSS has  for the last few years, there is another opportunity to have another Fun Fly in Cal Valley on New Years Day. Again this year Doug and Jan have invited everybody to come to their house for the day with a BBQ at noon.  Last years fun fly was at Dougs and was, well, alot of fun. Early morning temperature (with frost on the ground) gave way to 60/70 degree weather with lots of lift.

There will be a winch or two set up and with the advent of the new fangled electric motor mounted on sailplanes configuration, we could have ourselves an inpromtu, for bragging rights only, ALES contest. Bring your aero tow sailplanes and/or tugs because I know Doug et al will be ready to tow and/or fly. If there are enough hand launch pilots(two is  all it takes) there is nothing to stop a spontaneous contest, again for bragging rights or maybe an extra helpling of Jan’s bake goods. Doug’s field is smooth enough to take off power only planes(electric or glow)

Come for all day or just awhile. Bring something to BBQ or a side dish and something to drink. First arrivals probably at 8/9 and it will last til the sun sets.  Doug’s address is 8888 Highway 58 Simmler,Ca -(near the Cal Valley school on Hwy 58)



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