November #2 ALES Contest Results

From Rick Johnston – 12/5/12

It didn’t take long to score today’s make up contest- only 5 pilots.  I felt sure I had announced the this contest but as I look back on my emails I don’t see one for this contest. Sorry guys. For those who missed this one, take heart, next Wednesday is the second Wednesday of December and is our regularly scheduled #1 ALES contest for December.

The lift today was good but not great as only one or two pilots made their time. Perry won every round. I think he is sneaking in practice time when nobody is looking, certainly not cheating but highly suspect!!! Way to go Perry!!  Daryl was right in there for second winning 3 out of 4 of his rounds. The rest of us all had good rounds but not like the big guys.


       Name    Score    %
1    Perry     4,000   100.00%
2    Daryl     3,740    93.50%
3    Rick       3,589    89.72%
4    Chuck    3,372    84.30%
5    Steve     2,743    68.57%

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