Oct 2012 ALES Contest #2 Results

From Rick Johnston –

What a fun contest! We have a new glider guru. Daryl took the contest by a substantial margin, good going Daryl. The group B round 4 was a fly off to watch Daryl and Mike flew the whole nine minutes. Daryl had it on style and ease with a nice flight to altitude with bouts of having to zoom down just to keep his plane in sight. Mike on the other hand headed out to what he thought might be lift but no, and then came back toward the field to land at about 4 min but worked some local lift to stay up for the other 5 min. and finally going back up to a very respectable height before landing. It didn’t look easy.

Everyone got at least one or two good flight scores, but Daryl got all good flight scores to win the contest. Perry had an issue with his plane launching lower than his hat, sorry Perry.


   Name    Score    %
1 Daryl    3,814    100.00%
2 Rick     3,548    93.03%
3 Mike    3,428    89.88%
4 Paul     3,261    85.50%
5 Tony    3,042    79.76%
6 Steve   2,676    70.16%
7 Perry   1,581    41.45%

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