Oct 2012 ALES Contest #1 – Revised

Update 10/10/12 – The Oct 2012 ALES Contest #1 was cancelled due to rain.  From Rick Johnston;

We were all set to enjoy another ALES contest, pilots and planes were warmed and ready, sqawk box out and going, and we actually got one group done for round 1 and we getting ready for the second group and it started raining a serious rain. It kept raining so we decided to cancel the contest. We can either reschedule for next Wednesday  October 17 or wait for the next regularly scheduled ALES contest on 24th. What’s the consensus?

Original Post below;

On Wednesday Oct 10 is our first ALES contest of October. Fred is our voluntary CD for the contest. He will tell us what we can and can’t do for approach, no fly zones, etc. I have the squawk box set for 5,5,7,7 min tasks but Fred if you want to change that let me know. A 10 min might be fun. Our usual time for pilots meeting is 9:00 which happens at 9:45. There are 4 altitude limiting moduales left, so if you want one for a new plane I’ll have them at the contest.  See you there.


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