E-Flite FJ-2 Fury EDF foamy mods

I’m sure many will agree that part of the fun with RC models is modifying them, so I thought I’d share some mods I made to my FJ-2 Fury foamy.

My first mod was to replace the weak 4S 5-blade plastic fan unit with a 6S all-aluminum 12-blade 70mm fan unit from JP Hobby. Next, I did some extensive Dremel work in the battery compartment to accommodate the taller 6S 3000 mAh LiPo. It JUST fits.

After putting a few flights on the new fan, I decided to replace the fixed landing gear with retracts. Actually, this is Perry’s fault as he put the retract bug in my ear. Ha! It was pretty challenging to shoehorn the retracts into the thin wing and limited space in the nose gear steering box. The process required quite a bit more Dremel work, not to mention a few trips to Miner’s Hardware for various Dremel tips.


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