Sebart Mini Avanti S EDF

This is the Sebart Mini Avanti S with a stock 6S 90mm all-aluminum 12-blade JP Hobby fan unit. The electronics include a Spektrum 9-channel receiver with AS3X gyros and telemetry. There are 2 voltage regulators: 1 for the receiver and servos and 1 for the retracts and electric brakes. Telemetry includes airspeed and G-Loads which results in voice call outs on the transmitter every 5 seconds. In addition, the airspeed and G-load data are recorded to the SD card in the transmitter 4 times per second for later examination on a PC using Spektrum’s free utility software. Also visible in the images are the landing gear sequencer and brake controller, as well as the electric brakes themselves.

Top speed so far is 114 MPH and a maximum of 5 G’s during an ~80 degree bank turn (Regarding G-loads, I think I’ll stop right there). The airplane is a very smooth flier and quite predictable. At 8.75 lbs. ready-to-fly, it has the highest wing loading of any of my RC airplanes. Stall speed is said to be 25 MPH and I can attest that this is true (and sudden). I set a low airspeed voice warning at 35 MPH in my transmitter. This feature has kept me out of trouble more than once, while in the landing pattern.

All in all, I really like the Sebart Mini Avanti. My only complaint is the supply line of replacement parts is terribly slow… as in months. Now I’m looking at Freewing goodies.


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