Club Meeting Minutes – December 3, 2016

From Mike Rittenhouse:



December 3, 2016

Meeting brought to order at 9:00 a by Tony Gallo.

Members present,

Paul Gaugush
Daryl Riekki
Mike Rittenhouse
Dennis Williams
Tony Jacobson
Tony Gallo
Dave Nowell
Russ Banner

Discussion Topics,

Cal Poly, Aero 121 event to take place Saturday December 10. The field will be closed to SLO Flyer operation. We will have several members present to assist with safe flying.

The local Civil Air Patrol has asked if we would demonstrate RC aircraft for an upcoming event. Possibilities may include static display of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, flying demos And a Q and A booth. Suggestions are welcome.

Officer elections were held. A unanimous vote elected Tony Gallo as president, Daryl Riekki Vice President, Tony Jacobson Treasurer, Mike Rittenhouse Secretary.

Constitution changes have been discussed for several months. These improvements Make the dues delinquent after December 31st, with a late fee of $10.00. The partial membership will only have one step, which will be 50% of the yearly dues. The gate combo will be emailed to paid members and will change about January 1st. The members present voted to accept these changes and the website Constitution will be updated.

The orange barriers need some work, as the sun has rotted the materials. Repairs will be made panel by panel without flight interruption. Help with the repairs would be welcome.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00.

Mike Rittenhouse, Secretary

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