Club Meeting Minutes and Proposed Constitution changes April 11, 2015

April 11, 2015
SloFlyers Minutes

Meeting brought to order at 9:30 by Tony Gallo.

Members present;

Russ Banner
David Stafford
Perry Abbott
Chuck Bowers
Rick Johnson
Ron Alers
Tony Gallo
Tony Jacobson
Daryl Riekki
Mike Rittenhouse

Discussion items;

1. Constitution – The members of the executive committee have proposed several changes and additions to the club constitution.  These proposed changes will be on the website for comment for the next two months. Contact any officer to express opinions. Voting on the amendments will take place at the June meeting.  Click HERE to see the proposed changes.

2. Runway resurfacing – Good for another year.

3. Proposed glider event – A group of glider pilots from another club would like to use the SLO Flyer site.  Tony explained that the M.O.U did not allow outside clubs to use the facility.

4. Website – Congrats to Steve Wagner for a great job on the website.  Tony commented that the club has received compliments on the quality of our website and the frequently updated content.

5. Constitution Amendments – Mike Rittenhouse presented the proposed constitution amendments and the required time line for acceptance.  See the front page of the website for a list of amendments.

Meeting Adjourned 10:30

Mike Rittenhouse

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