Results – ALES contest Wednesday April 8

From Rick Johnston;

Windy, short flights, miracle sink, plane carnage describes today’s contest. But of course we all had to fly in the same air in each heat so if you got your plane launched, were able to park into the wind and be patient enough and got any points on landing then you did pretty good. Rick did the best job today, atta boy Rick, Morgan was second and Steve was third. Atta boys to all pilots for even flying today.

Flying results:

1   Johnston, Rick      3984
2   Wilson, Morgan    3771
3   Willison, Steve      3738
4   Wilson, Mike         3709
5   Jacobson, Tony     3562
6   Bowers, Chuck      3480
7   Gallo, Tony            1542 had to leave early
8   Daryl Reikki         Plane got disabled first round


1  Johnston, Rick         69
2  Wilson, Mike           44
3  Willison, Steve        42
4  Jacobson, Tony       16

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