Wednesday November 14th ALES Contest Results

From Rick Johnston

Wow, ten pilots this morning for our first contest for November, that’s a significant turnout. The lift wasn’t that great but everyone seemed get something out of the less than stellar conditions. Daryl probably going to be cussing that 4×4 fence post that ate his contest winning plane last week but don’t count him out he’ll be back. Look at Perry move up! And what about Tony. There was some good flying out there today, the competition is getting tough. Congratulations to Mike W for the win, I think he found lift over the sewer plant and stuck with it, nice flying Mike (oh yea, I was his timer, that ought to be good for some kind of glory). Welcome to Mike V, it looked like you enjoyed yourself.

  Name     Score    %
1 Mike     3,962    100.00%
2 Tony     3,575    90.23%
3 Perry    3,365    84.93%
4 Rick      3,318    83.75%
5 Paul      3,284    82.89%
6 Fred     3,196    80.67%
7 Chuck   3,192    80.57%
8 Mike V 2,827    71.35%
9 Steve    2,591    65.40%
10 Daryl 1,502    37.91%

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