SloFlyers December #1 ALES contest results

From Rick Johnston;

What a day for a glider contest, lift everywhere. Unfortunately there was also sink but we won’t discuss that. If you need to know anything about glider flying ask Perry, he did it again(not by much) and never winning any individual round. He did however stay in the high nine hundreds in every round to compile the top score. Congratulations Perry. If you notice Mike W and I were right behind him points wise. Just one slip up does it to you, right Mike? Everyone else did good. Mike V tried to fly someone else’s plane, Mike I am sure the other pilot thanks you for the help.  The beauty of foamy gliders is that glue will fix about anything you can do to them, right guys(we all know about fixing foamy gliders)? Welcome to the new pilot, Tony J, I thought he was going to take the contest for the first couple of rounds, the just one slip discussion above applies here also. Guys I think we have some real competition with Tony. Come back again Tony. Tony G the one slip syndrome hit you too.


      Name       Score    %
1    Perry       3,937    100.00%
2    Rick         3,912    99.36%
3    Mike W   3,899    99.03%
4    Daryl       3,822    97.08%
5    Tony G    3,696    93.88%
6    Tony J    3,651     92.74%
7    Paul         3,568    90.63%
8    Fred        3,564    90.53%
9    Chuck     2,714    68.94%
10  Steve D  2,672    67.87%
11  Wade      2,488    63.20%
12  Mike V   1,661    42.19%


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