SloFlyers Communications with Ranch Management

Tony Gallo, SloFlyers President, recently had communications with Kevin Piper, Director Ag Operations concerning SloFlyers activities at the flying field.  Listed below are the 4 items that were discussed;

  • Operating/Access hours – Mr. Piper’s understanding is the 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM operating time for club activities are the hours allowed for access to ranch property, not to the flying field.  Tony told him that we had interpreted it as flying hours but that we would comply with his preference.
  • Road Access – Club activities are restricted to the main entrance path to the airfield except for limited occasions when a downed airplane needs to be retrieved.
  • Speed Limit – The speed limit on access roads is 15 MPH.
  • Fire Mitigation/Smoking – Mr. Piper expressed concerns about fire safety especially due to the dry conditions.  Tony explained that we have 2 fire extinguishers available and we promptly check downed aircraft.   After discussions with other club officers, a decision was made to ban smoking entirely.  So, no smoking is allowed at the flying field, even in personal vehicles.
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