SloFlyers 2014 ALES Club Series Results

From Rick Johnston;

It was a great year for ALES contest flying at SloFlyers Field. We flew 20 or so contests which is fantastic.  The following results were based on a pilots 10 best contest scores on the available contest flown. See the attached file for details of each pilots scores for the series. Congratulations to Mike, Rick and Tony for the win on the top 3 spots and for everyone else that participated in the series. It was a good time. This years series started with yesterdays’ contest. Good luck to everyone.

1 Mike Wilson           9976     out of 10000 possible points
2 Rick Johnston       9376
3 Tony Gallo              9296
4 Tony Jacobson      9281
5 Daryl Reikki           8959
6 Morgan Wilson     8669
7 Ken Bradley           7619
8 Perry Abbott         5623
9 Mike Valko            5083
10 Chuck Bowers    4670
11 Paul Genshaw     4632
12 Fred Jacober       1372
13 Lenny Lenny        768
14 Wade Anke          481


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