Sept 2012 ALES contest #1 results

From Rick Johnston

It was a great day for soaring at SloFlyers field today. Two of the four rounds everybody made their times. It’s getting to be a tough crowd. Everyone was seen to be laughing and having a good time. Once again landing out is costly (not mentioning names).  Daryl must have insider trader information, look at him go!! And how about Chuck.

Next contest will be Wednesday September 26, with Fred as contest director. Fred let me know what task times you want to call so I can get the talking lady to say the right thing. By popular demand we were hoping Mike W. and Thor will show up for the next contest.

  Name     Score     %
1 Rick      3,954    100.00%
2 Chuck   3,682    93.12%
3 Daryl    3,624    91.65%
4 Tony    3,439    86.98%
5 Paul      3,359    84.95%
6 Dennis  3,167    80.10%
7 Fred      3,037    76.81%
8 Steve    2,517    63.66%

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