Updated – Road to SloFlyer Field Re-Opened

From Tony Gallo (Dec 8, 2014)

Can you post this latest message. Thanks, Tony


Access should be ok now roads had a chance to dry out over the weekend and I appreciate the SLOFlyers respecting our request to stay off the roads this past weekend.  I know there is another storm headed our way this Thursday and Friday.  I will not restrict access this weekend, I will leave entering the ranch and driving out to the airport your decision.



Original message

From Tony Gallo (Dec. 5, 2014),

Please post this message from Chorro Creek Ranch Management;

We will not be allowing vehicle travel on any of the ranch roads located at the Chorro Creek Ranch this weekend. Please notify your membership. The gate will be locked this weekend and we will evaluate when access will be allowed.

Kevin Piper


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