Results – SloFlyers #1 March ALES contest

From Rick Johnston;

I think daylight savings change made the contest start a bit early for the lift to develope enough. A good flight time today was 3 or 4 minutes, which is kinda brutal on an 7 or 8 minute task. Ken B was first overall winning three out of four rounds, congratulation Ken. Tony G was second winning two rounds and very high scores in the other two, congratulations Tony.  Mike W was third, congratulations Mike. I was glad to see my friend Brian come over from Fresno and fly with us, he had some good scores but wasn’t ready for that fence being so close to the landing area, one goose egg and down the tubes you go. Sorry Brian, but come back again for a rematch.

High man in landing points went to ANGRY BIRD owner Fred, that slide in landing practice is paying off. second was Mike W and I was third.

Daryl R said he wanted to be CD for the next contest which is scheduled for the 27 th of March.


Rank    Name          Score     Pcnt
1    Bradley, Ken     3966.6    100
2    Gallo, Tony       3940.1    99.33
3    Wilson, Mike     3724.7    93.9
4    Jacober, Fred    3541.4    89.28
5    PilotA, Chuck    3139.5    79.15
6    Johnston, Rick  3052.2    76.95
7    Genshaw, Paul  3039.5    76.63
8    Dobozy, Steve   2994.9    75.5
9    PilotB, Brian      2536.1    63.94
10  Reikki, Daryl     2325       58.61
11  Abbott, Perry    2196.7    55.38

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