Results – SloFlyers First September ALES Contest

From Rick Johnston;

There were some fantastic flights today but you had to share the thermals lots of birds as well as fellow pilots, oh well. Two planes sputtered on take off and came down hard, sorry guys, but otherwise it was a good plane day. I know Tony G will be monitoring this email so sorry Tony you missed a great day of flying, but it’s family first, right?

Mike W was first place with: 3769 points. This is going to be Mike W’s last contest til next school quarter as he’s teaching a Wednesday class, sorry Mike, but that means the rest of us are likely to move up one place. Second place with 3672 points was Fred J. Third place was Rck J with 3379 points. Congratulations.

Landing scores: first place went to Mike W with 71 points out of 100 possible, second place Fred J with 35 points and third place to Steve D. with 11 points. Congratulation pilots

The next contest will be September 25th and Tony J will be CD.


Rank    Name              Score    Pcnt

1    Wilson, Mike         3769       100
2    Jacober, Fred       3672.6    97.44
3    Johnston, Rick     3379.7     89.67
4    Genshaw, Paul     3272.4    86.82
5    Wilson, Morgan    2589.6   68.71
6    Jacobson, Tony    2453.4   65.09
7    Dobozy, Steve      2288.3    60.71
8    Bowers, Chuck     1417.2     37.6

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