Results – SloFlyers 1st November ALES Contest Wednesday November 13th

From Rick Johnston;

What a day for soaring today. Hugh lift taking planes to the edge of sight and associated sink dragging planes straight down. This lift and sink is what you would expect out in Cal Valley in the middle of summer. Just ask Paul about the conditions, he was at the edge of sight and got into sink that dragged his plane straight down out of control and over speeding and then folding wings. Fuse went straight in. One wing piece fluttered down, the other half got caught in the thermal, went way up and finally sailed off over the hill out of sight. Sorry Paul. Alot of pilots encountered similar conditions but without such drastic results.

With a total of 7 pilots Tony G harnessed the ripping conditions to place first with 3942 points, Rick was second with 3684 points and third was Chuck with 3523 points. Good going guys.

The landing results as follows: Chuck with 48 out of a possible 100, Rick with 42 and Tony J with 36.

What a day, next contest will be on the 27th of November and Morgan will CD.


Rank    Name             Score     Pcnt

1    Gallo, Tony          3941.9    100
2    Johnston, Rick    3684.3    93.47
3    Bowers, Chuck    3523.1    89.38
4    Jacobson, Tony   2748.8    69.73
5    Reikki, Daryl       2697.9    68.44
6    Genshaw, Paul    2213.9    56.16
7    Wilson, Morgan   1883.5    47.78


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