Results – SloFlyers 1st July ALES 2014

From Rick Johnston;

You may have been wondering where the results have gone for last weeks ALES contest. I was out of town last week and got back Monday and am now recovered, I think. It looks like everyone got at least one 1000 and some 2-1000s but Ken got some high scores to go with his thousands, so he was top man with 3808 points. Second was Tony G with 3834 points. Third was Morgan with 3337 points. Way to go guys.

Landing results: Ken cleaned house in this department too with 43 points out of a 100, second was Tony J with 37 points and third was Morgan with 32 points.


Rank    Name               Score      Pcnt

1    Bradley, Ken          3808      100
2    Gallo, Tony            3438.5   90.3
3    Wilson, Morgan    3337      87.63
4    Jacobson, Tony    3335       87.58
5    Reikki, Daryl         3225.6   84.71
6    Valko, Mike           2949.9   77.47

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