Results – SloFlyers 1st December ALES contest

From Rick Johnston;

6 pilots showed for the ALES contest Wednesday. The lift was mediocre at best but so was the sink.  Tony G made the best total score accumulating 3975 points, second was Morgan with 3560 points, if Mike W had managed to squeak out another 10 feet of flight distance and landed in bounds on one round he would have won the day, as it was, he was third with 2933 points. The rest of us have just got to get our act together. We’ll have to wait until January  because the fourth Wednesday of the December is Christmas day and it was a resounding NO when we polled who would show up.

Morgan was first in the landing department with 56 points out of 100, Tony G was second right behind Morgan with 53 point, Rick was third with 41 points.


Rank    Name               Score      Pcnt
1    Gallo, Tony            3975.2    100
2    Wilson, Morgan    3560.1    89.56
3    Wilson, Mike         2933.1    73.78
4    Johnston, Rick      2895.1    72.83
5    Bowers, Chuck      2495.4    62.77
6    Jacobson, Tony    2290.8    57.63

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