Results – Second July ALES contest Wednesday July 24

From Rick Johnston:

The conditions were good to excellent for gliders today with everyone having mostly successful flights. I can’t imagine getting a thousand in three out of four rounds and not winning but I did that.  Mike W. just got consistantly high scores to win with a total score of 3791, I was second with 3749. Third was Tony G with 3659.  Everyone got at least one very high round score.  So good going.

The landing results are as follows: Out of a possible 100 points  Rick was first with 70, Tony G was second with 51, Mike was third with 45.

Daryl was doing well until he butted head with the rule about landing out, glad your plane was ok.  See you all next contest.


Rank    Name                 Score     Pcnt
1       Wilson, Mike         3791.5    100
2       Johnston, Rick      3749       98.88
3       Gallo, Tony           3659.9    96.53
4       Dobozy, Steve      3457.7     91.2
5       Wilson, Morgan    3339.7    88.08
6       Abbott, Perry       2970.2    78.34
7       Reikki, Daryl         2615.3    68.98

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