Results – First August ALES contest at SloFlyers Field

From Rick Johnston;

Fun day for gliders but the lift was where you found it. Mike W smoked the rest of us with 3992 points, Ken B was second with 3827 points and Tony G was third with 3596 points. Landing score went to Ken B with 89 points out of 100 possible, second went to Mike W with 68 and Steve D and Rick J were tied for third with 45 points. The 12 minute flight task was the longest time task we have done so far and being able to relaunch was interesting. If a pilot did it right he should only loose 5 sec or so on the turn around. I deducted one minute as the penalty instead of 100 points as it required less math skills. Mike W doesn’t know it yet but he volunteered as CD for the next contest on August 28, thanks to Mike.


Rank    Name              Score    Pcnt
1    Wilson, Mike        3992       100
2    Bradley, Ken        3827.1    95.87
3    Gallo, Tony          3596.9    90.1
4    Genshaw, Paul    3576        89.58
5    Wilson, Morgan   3174.6     79.52
6    Johnston, Rick     3159.1     79.14
7    Dobozy, Steve      3158.7     79.13
8    Abbott, Perry      2781.9     69.69
9    Reikki, Daryl       1905        47.72
10    Valko, Mike       1401.8     35.12

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