Results – First ALES contest for 2014

From Rick Johnston;

It looked like it should have been a good day for a glider contest but you wouldn’t know it for the first three rounds. Lots of sink and not much lift, unless you were Mike W who manage to find enough lift to win first place with 3996 points. Good going Mike. Second was Chuck with 3778 points and third was Tony J with 3763 points. Good going guys

Mike W was the landing champ also with 88 points out of 100, second was Chuck with 58 points and third was Tony G with 56. Great flying under difficult conditions.

The all up last down 5th round mini contest was won by Daryl who out flew the rest of us by at least 5 minutes good going Daryl.

The next contest will be on January 15 and we’ll have to wait and see if Morgan is healed enough to be CD. See you then.


Rank    Name             Score     Pcnt
1    Wilson, Mike        3996      100
2    Bowers, Chuck    3778.5    94.56
3    Jacobson, Tony   3763.7    94.19
4    Gallo, Tony          3328.1    83.29
5    Johnston, Rick    3105.2    77.71
6    Genshaw, Paul    2857.6    71.51
7    Reikki, Daryl       2377.9     59.51
8    Anke, Wade        1921.1     48.08


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