Results – April 19, 2014 Fun Fly Event

Listed below are the contest results for the April 19th Fun Fly event.  About 25 people attended and enjoyed the competition, drawings and hamburger feed after the event.  Many thanks to Mike Rittenhouse, Tony Jacobson and everyone else who contributed to planning and running the Fun Fly and to Paul Genshaw for keeping track of all the scores.


1st Place – Daryl Riekki
2nd Place – Mike Mike Valko

Object Drop

1st Place – Tony Jacobson
2nd Place – Ken Bradley
3rd Place – John Brant

Dead Stick Spot Landing

1st Place – Mike Rittenhouse
2nd Place – Rick Johnston
3rd Place – Daryl Riekki

Spot Landing

1st Place – Steve Wagner
2nd Place – Tim Chesbro
3rd Place – Ken Bradley

Taxi Slalom

1st Place – Ken Bradley
2nd Place – Tony Jacobson
3rd Place – Steve Wagner

Motorized Gliders

1st Place – Ken Bradley
2nd Place – John Brant
3rd Place – Rick Johnston

50/50 Drawing

Dave Hoyt had the winning ticket for the $50 prize for the 50/50 drawing.  Dave graciously donated his winnings back to the SloFlyer Club.  Thanks Dave!

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