Results – ALES Contest Wednesday October 23

From Rick Johnston;

I’d say by looking at the scores and not being there today that there was some great lift, but accompanied by lots of sink. Everyone had at least one or two high scores but Tony J got the most for a total of 3846 points, Tony G was second with 3396 and Mike V was third with 3186. Good going guys.

The landing contest was won by Tony G with 50 points out of 100. Second was Mike V right behind Tony by one point at 49 points. Third was Morgan with 19 points.


Rank    Name               Score    Pcnt
1    Gallo, Tony            3869.3  100
2    Wilson, Morgan    3833.8   99.08
3    Genshaw, Paul     3695       95.5
4    Bowers, Chuck     3266.5    84.42
5    Johnston, Rick     3215.5    83.1
6    Bradley, Ken        3000      77.53
7    Dobozy, Steve      871         22.51

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