Results – ALES contest Wednesday October 16th

From Rick Johnston;

It was a beautiful day, sunny and bright but not too much lift to begin with. After awhile we saw some great flights especially on the 12 minute round. Taking full advantage of said good lift was Tony G in first place with 3969 points, followed by Morgan with 3833 points and third place was Paul with 3695 points.  Things would have turned out differently had Ken’s motor connectiion not disconnected on launch in the fourth round as he had a 1000 in each of the first three rounds. Tough luck Ken. I’m glad your plane didn’t have any real damage. Congratulations to the top scorers.

Landing scores were as follows: First was Ken with 54 points out of 100, second was Tony G with 45 points and third was Morgan with 38 points. See Ken there is some justice.

Next Wednesday, the 23rd, is the scheduled 2nd monthly ALES contest  for October. Tony was questioning special tasks today so it looks like he has volunteered to be CD. Pilots meeting 9:00. See you there.


Rank    Name              Score    Pcnt
1    Gallo, Tony           3869.3    100
2    Wilson, Morgan    3833.8    99.08
3    Genshaw, Paul      3695       95.5
4    Bowers, Chuck      3266.5    84.42
5    Johnston, Rick      3215.5     83.1
6    Bradley, Ken         3000       77.53
7    Dobozy, Steve       871          22.51

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