Results – ALES Contest Wednesday November 11, 2015

From Rick Johnston;

It was an interesting day for a contest. The wind would pickup and switch direction due to thermal activity. And thermals there were. Rick took most advantage of the conditions, second was Steve Willison, third was Tony Gallo. For some reason there was a lot of landing  carnage and one plane lost to radio signal loss (sorry Morgan) and one nearly lost to radio problems both over the sewer plant. In fact so many planes were out of commission that the second group of the fourth round only had one pilot with a plane to fly.  So the entire fourth round was not included in the scoring.

Next contest will be on November 23 and Rick will be CD.

Overall Results

Rank    Name                    Score    Pcnt
1           Johnston, Rick    3000      100
2          Willison, Steve    2939.6    97.99
3          Gallo, Tony          2879       95.97
4          Riekki, Daryl       2533.4    84.45
5          Bradley, Ken       2322.4    77.41
6          Banner, Russ      1100.1     36.67

Landing Results

Rank    Name                   Score    Pcnt
1           Bradley, Ken       65         100
2          Johnston, Rick    34         52.31
3          Willison, Steve    33         50.77
4          Gallo, Tony          15          23.08

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