Results – ALES contest Wednesday March 27

From Rick Johnston;

Sorry guys but it was my day, most all of my guesses worked out. Ken was second and Tony G was third. We had our first midair with Paul’s planes propeller taking a bite out of Perry left wing. Paul’s propeller broke but Perry was able to wrap his wing in foil covering and finish the contest and he reports that the plane flew better than before the midair. Things were going great for Mike until his planes electronics went south, sorry Mike.

Landing results: Rick-54, Ken-45, Steve-30

Tony J said he would CD the next contest but with a change to the format. There will be 4 preliminary rounds of 5,7,7,8 minutes and a flyoff round of 10 minutes. The flyoff will be between the top three pilots if there are 12 or more starting pilots and between the top two pilots if there is less than 12 starting pilots. The flyoff is a mini contest for bragging rights.  Only the preliminary round scores will count toward the yearly totals.

I am going to bring my laptop and try to keep up a running score for the contest.


Rank    Name            Score      Percent

1    Johnston, Rick    3867.4    100
2    Bradley, Ken       3129.9    80.93
3    Gallo, Tony         2731.6    70.63
4    Reikki, Daryl      2554.3    66.05
5    Abbott, Perry    2452        63.4
6    Dobozy, Steve    2179.6    56.36
7    Jacobson, Tony  1529.3    39.54
8    Wilson, Mike      1000       25.86

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