Results – ALES Contest Wednesday June 12th

From Rick Johnston;

It was a great day for glider flying today, if you picked the right location. There was fantastic lift, but there was unbelievable sink. Everyone did well but Paul was the most consistent with having high scores, congratulations Paul. Mike W was second, congratulations Mike. Third was Ken B, congratulation Ken.

In the landing contest Ken had his Bird of Time dialed in to win with 94 pts out of 125 possible. What would Ken do if he had flaps or spoiler (I can hear Ken saying “flaps, I don’t need no stinking Flaps”). Second was Mike W with 85 pts and third was Fred J with 64 pts. Way to go guys.

Note that our newest contestant Morgan did well in the contest, so well I’m going to see if he’ll give me a flying lesson! Good going Morgan.

I didn’t get a score card book for Daryl but I think he was out early with plane troubles so I am figuring he withdrew. If that’s not what your thinking Daryl let me know and I’ll add the points you did make into the tally.

Also today was a first for the number of rounds flown, we flew 5 rounds.


Rank Name            Score      Pcnt
1  Genshaw, Paul   4469.5   100
2  Wilson, Mike      4186.5    93.67
3  Bradley, Ken      3922.9    87.77
4  Gallo, Tony         3602      80.59
5  Wilson, Morgan  3376.2   75.54
6  Johnston, Rick    3305.5   73.96
7  Abbott, Perry     3034.9   67.9
8  Jacober, Fred     2713.1    60.7
9  Bowers, Chuck   2201.4   49.25
10 Dobozy, Steve   2120.1   47.43

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