Results – ALES Contest Wednesday June 11, 2014

What started out to be a pretty drizzly day worked out to be a very good but challenging contest day. We had six pilots turnout. This was our first contest in over a month due to weather and vacations.

Mike V has his new Radian tuned up and with a very steady hand was first with 3826 points (without the benefit of any landing points and landing out with a one minute penalty). We are in trouble now, way to go Mike. Second was Tony G with 3782 points way to go Tony. Third was Rick J with 3744 points.

The landing contest first place went to Ken B with 87 out of a 100 possible. Second was Tony J with 56 points and third was Rick J with 47 points

Next contest will be in two weeks on the 25th of June. Tony J said he wanted to be CD. I say watch out.


Rank    Name             Score       Pcnt      Raw Score
1    Valko, Mike          3823.6    100        3823.6
2    Gallo, Tony          3782.7     98.93    3782.7
3    Johnston, Rick    3744.8    97.94     3744.8
4    Bradley, Ken        3688.9    96.48    3688.9
5    Jacobson, Tony   3484.6    91.13      3484.6
6    Reikki, Daryl       3285.7    85.93      3285.7

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