Results – ALES Contest Wednesday January 9

From Rick Johnston;

The air couldn’t have been more still.  It was still for the entire contest. Everybody hung in there by floating around trying to make their time. Kent did the best job of surviving the no lift conditions. Way to go Kent, and glad you came out to fly with us, come back.  Tony J was close behind Kent for second. Way to go Tony. I was third by just a few points but that’s what its all about racking up every point you can in every round. Everybody did good.

Did anyone else notice pilots who would never venture much farther than the vineyards looking for lift, were way over by the saddle and ridge? It didn’t help much today, there wasn’t much lift anywhere. These contests are getting more interesting all the time.

Note the landing score files and round scores files attached.  They make interesting reading (in original email)


Rank  Name                      Score    Percent
1         Nogy, Kent             3875.3    100.0%
2         Jacobsen, Tony     3821.2    98.6%
3         Johnston, Rick       3820       98.6%
4         Anke, Wade            3685.8    95.1%
5         Wilson, Mike          3623.8    93.5%
6         PilotB, PilotB Len  3360.9    86.7%
7         Gallo, Tony             3223.5    83.2%
8        Genshaw, Paul        3193.3    82.4%
9        Jacober, Fred         2980        76.9%
10      Dobory, Steve        2677.7      69.1%

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