Results – ALES Contest December 23, 2015

From Rick Johnston;

It was a very windy day for the last contest of the 2015 series which turned out to be a true man on man contest. There was initially 5 pilots that came out to face the tough conditions but as things turned out, one unnamed pilot  got caught in a rotor (his excuse) and crashed his plane into an unspeakable area of the field leaving 4 pilots to fly two pilots per group, a true man on man competition. Steve Willison overcame the adverse conditions to win first place with four 1000’s, he was unstoppable.  Jerry Tonnelli was second, Morgan was third.

The landing contest was especially exciting with some pretty wild saves. 1st went to Morgan, second to Steve and third to Mike.

We need to recognize our newest member Jerry Tonnelli who signed up at the contest yesterday.  Jerry is a seasoned pilot from Bakersfield with a house in Cambria, so we will see a lot of him in the future. Welcome Jerry.

Next contest will be January 13 2016. CD will be Steve Willison. Pilots meeting 9:00.

Flight scores:
Rank    Name              Score    Pcnt
1    Willison, Steve      4000      100
2    Tonnelli, Jerry      3737.7    93.44
3    Wilson, Morgan   3649.7    91.24
4    Wilson, Mike        3451        86.28
5    Johnston, Rick           0                0

Landing scores:
Rank    Name            Score   Pcnt
1    Wilson, Morgan    34    100
2    Willison, Steve     20    58.82
3    Wilson, Mike        15    44.12

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