Results – ALES Contest December 14, 2016

From Rick Johnston:


Sorry not to get these results out in a more timely manner but holiday events got in the way.

Looks like the conditions were brutal ; 4 min flights about all anyone got for any round. Morgan did the best with the available lift to take first place, Daryl second and Steve third. Way to go guys.

Landing scores reversed the order of places with Ken first, Steve second and Daryl third. Atta boys all around.

Next contest will be on December 28 and Morgan will be CD.


Also it was good to see Steve Wagner out at the field today and he said it was his first venture out of the house on the his road to recovery from bladder cancer. We wish you the best Steve, glad to see you out and about.

Flying results:


Pilot                              Points         Percent

1.   Wilson, Morgan         3988.5       100.00

2.   Riekki, Daryl              3949.4          99.02

3.   Willison, Steve           3881.5           97.32

4.   Bradley, Ken               3718.5           93.23

5.   Gallo, Tony                  3482             87.30


Landing results:

1.   Bradley, Ken                63.0             100.00

2.   Willison, Steve            49.0               77.78

3.   Riekki, Daryl               47.0                74.60

4.   Wilson, Morgan          46.0                73.02

5.   Gallo, Tony                  23.0                 36.51

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