October 2014 Club Meeting Minutes

October 4, 2014
SloFlyers Minutes

Meeting brought to order by Tony Gallo 9:45 AM

Members Present

•    Fred Jacober
•    Dave Nowell
•    Steve Wagner
•    Morgan Wilson
•    Bill Lander
•    Tony Jacobson
•    Daryl Riekki
•    Tony Gallo
•    Mike Rittenhouse

Club Information – Tony Gallo

A New Safety Line has been marked for the Glider Launch area, roughly from the existing barriers southeast to the barb wire fence.  This sprayed, white line is intended to increase the distance of glider pilots from the runway, maintaining a safe approach zone for aircraft.

Thanks to the members who showed up today for the weed removal party. This was necessary for the runway crack filling which will be on October 15th and 16th.

Discussion Items

Bill Lander has requested assistance with the Treasurer position.

Tony Gallo made a motion that a new Board position be created, to equally share the actions and responsibilities of the Treasurer.  Mike Rittenhouse seconded the motion. The members present indicated that this was a good idea.  A vote was held on the motion and was unanimously approved.

Tony Jacobson volunteered for this Associate Treasurer.  There were no other volunteers.

Meetings with Bill Lander, Tony Jacobson and other Board members will be held to share information about the Treasurer job.

This October 4th meeting will serve as the October club meeting.  The next club meeting will be November 8th.

How about a Fun Fly on Saturday, Nov 8th?   Contact any club officer to share your interest and any thoughts about fun events.

Meeting adjourned 10:45

Mike Rittenhouse

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