November Club Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2013
S.L.O. Flyers Minutes

Meeting brought to order by Daryl Rieki at 9:31.

Members Present

Daryl Riekki
Paul Genshaw
Fred Jacober
Dave Nowell
Bill Lander
Dee Carl  (joined today)
George Julian (joined today)
Steve Dobozy
Steve McChesney
Chuck Bowers
Perry Abbott
Ron Alers
Mike Rittenhouse


Ron Bushnan


1.  Bill Lander proposed creation of new saving account.

Passed with no dissenting votes.

2. Slate of officers proposed and passed to be voted on by club members

President, Tony Gallo
Vice President, Daryl Riekki
Secretary, Mike Rittenhouse
Treasurer, Bill Lander

3. Bill Lander repeated request for member to begin training for treasurer position

Treasurer’s Report

Presented by Bill Lander

Meeting adjourned at 10:00

Mike Rittenhouse, Secretary

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