November Club Meeting and Funfly

From Mike Rittenhouse;

November 8, 2014  Club Meeting and Fun Fly

Members Present

  • Bill Lander
  • Dave Nowell
  • Mike Rittenhouse
  • Paul Genshaw
  • Tim Chesbro
  • Perry Abbott
  • Daryl Riekki
  • George Julian
  • Chuck Bowers
  • Dee Carl
  • Ron Alers
  • Dave Mayhew
  • Tony Gallo

Fun Fly and Club Meeting

The first event was a bowling contest.   Whiffle balls were attached with string to aircraft.  The object was to knock down, in two attempts, as many coffee cans as possible.   Tim Chesbro was the winner after an exciting runoff.

Second came a spot landing with pilots trying to touch down closest to the centerline circle in two attempts.   Once again,  Tim Chesbro defeated all others.  Congrats Tim, you are the king.

Daryl Riekki won the 50/50 drawing and donated his winnings back to the club coffers.

Meeting Discussion Items

1.  SLO Flyers sweat shirts.   Mike Rittenhouse is taking orders for zip-up, hoodies.  They will have Logos on front and back, and are available in all colors and sizes.   Cost is about $25 to $27 depending on size.  Other options are available.  Contact Mike at (805) 709-4061.  Be quick, if you wish to order.

2.  Elections and Dues.   Tony Gallo stated that Nomination and Voting letters have been mailed.  Voting will be completed at the December 13th meeting.   Dues will be due on January 1 and overdue on the 31st.  So, do pay your dues on time.

3.  FPV flyers.  Perry Abbott expresed concerns about the club radios not being available for FPV buddy box flying.  A solution will be a combo lock, placed by Perry, on the storage for the radios.   FPV will be a discussion item at the December meeting.

4.  Tony Gallo expressed concerns  about pilots taxiing or ground handling running aircraft in the pit area.  After a short discussion, agreement was made  to place a safety warning on the website, cautioning pilots not to taxi or ground handle any running aircraft in the pit area.  Further, to facilitate larger aircraft that are difficult to move to the apron of the runway,  restraints will be placed on the outside of the center barrier, as soon as possible, by Daryl Riekki and Mike Rittenhouse.  Each club member will help enforce this safety issue.

Meeting was adjourned to BBQ hamburgers,  concluding the Fun Fly and celebrating the expertise of Tim Chesbro.

Mike Rittenhouse
Secretary SLO Flyers

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