Miscellaneous RC airplanes, airplane kits, parts for sale

Received this email from Daryl Riekki concerning miscellaneous RC airplanes, airplane kits, parts for sale.

To: Daryl Riekki – Secretary



Hey Daryl,

I just cleaned out a shed and the previous owner was into RC planes. I have a few new in the box plane kits, one is a Joss Stik (looks like the red barron). One is an almost completed wood sea plane with a new motor in the box. A cool shop work box and tool boxes full of parts, tool, etc. I’d like to offer/sale these items to someone that would appreciate/use them–figured I’d offer these to the SLO flyers before CL and E-bay. Looking for a fair price and to stoke a few people out.

Also, there are a few old completed planes that were hanging from the rafters—so if you know someone that wants an old plane for decoration, please pass on my contact info—-those will be cheap/free.

I can sent pics and plan on posting on CL this weekend.

Please pass on my number to anyone you think might be interested.

Thanks, Randy @ 459-7841

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