March 2015 Club Meeting Minutes

SloFlyers March Club Meeting  3/14/15  (Pi Day)

Meeting brought to order at 9:30 by Tony Gallo.

Members Present

Dave Stafford
Tony Jacobson
Daryl Riekki
Tony Gallo
Mike Rittenhouse

Discussion Items;

1. Runway resurfacing may be necessary either this year or next.  Daryl Riekki will contact Golden State Paving for opinion.

2. Several Constitution revisions are being investigated to update wording on regulations.  The revisions will be presented at the April meeting for a member vote.

3. New signs are being prepared, indicating entry times for ranch gate and a  No Smoking sign  for the EFR gate.

4. Funfly has been moved to May 16 due to scheduling reasons.  Daryl and Tony are creating challenging events and Dave has begun gathering  road-kill for his chili.

5. Treasurer’s report was presented by Tony Jacobson, stating all was within usual norms for the year.

6. April meeting discussion will involve constitutional changes and selection for a maintenance day.

Meeting Adjourned 10:35


Mike Rittenhouse

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