Revised – February 2015 Club Meeting Minutes

Revision 3/15/15 – Fun Fly has be rescheduled from 5/9/15 to 5/16/15.

From Mike Rittenhouse;

February 14, 2015
SloFlyers Minutes

Meeting brought to order by Tony Gallo     9:30 AM

Members Present

Fred Jacober
Tim Chesbro
Paul Genshaw
Chuck Bowers
Daryl Riekki
Dave Nowell
Tony Jacobson
Mike Rittenhouse
Tony Gallo
Perry Abbott
Joe Jacober (Guest)

Reminder to all members by Tony G.

1. Entry to RANCH PROPERTY is from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM ONLY.
2. Speed limit on ranch roads is 15 MPH max.
3. Each club member should remind both students and flyers to observe these rules.

Access combo to Field Gate

New combo will be E-Mailed to paid members.  The Combo will be changed on Monday, Feb. 23.

Fun Fly

Saturday, May 16th (originally scheduled for 5/9/15).   Daryl Riekki will be CD.  The club will provide lunch.  More to come.


Currently, there are 47 paid members.  2016 membership will be  delinquent  January  31.

Safety Officer

The club needs a safety officer.   This position is not one of enforcement, but of education.  All of us should caution others if a safety issue is observed.  More on this at the March meeting.

Meeting Adjourned 10:30


Mike Rittenhouse

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