Email from Chuck Bowers

Email from Chuck Bowers to Mike Rittenhouse and the SloFlyers Club;

Hi Mike

After 6 crazy weeks we are now firmly established in Grants Pas Oregon. In early July we were making rapid trips back and forth…hauling all our treasures up here. They packed (United Van Lines) all our stuff the 25-26 of July…and we drove up, hauling my old Lincoln on a car trailer. United delivered our 128 boxes and lots of heavy furniture on 6 August. It has been terribly confusing ever since then. several of our boxes didn’t show up. We really love our new home. It’s located right next to the local community college…2.2 acres of beautiful pine trees…reminds me of Yosemite. It did force me to purchase a large ride-on lawn tractor/mower…UGH!!

Any how…I feel terrible about not meeting with each of you somehow and saying goodbye. Flying with the SLO group was a pleasure and an honor.  I have many good memories of our great times at the field.  I have joined the local club (see Rogue Eagles) but due to the distances involved and my massive “Honey-Do” list…I still have not been out to the flying field….which is a long way away, my map tells me its about 50 miles one way!! I did attend the monthly club meeting to join and meet the folks. This is a very large and active group…There must have been 50 members there….and Roberts Rules of Order ruled the meeting….a far cry from our old very relaxed and informal group of friends. The local procedures require an orientation and a test flight demonstration with the senior flight instructor. The test flight is rather more involved then what is required at SLO…Hahahaha!  I’m told to expect to spend all day to accomplish these requirements….if I am a good pilot.

So, to quote Bob Hope…”Thanks for the memories…”  I truly enjoyed the pleasant years flying with you guys.

Chuck Bowers

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