ALES Yearly Point Total

From Rick Johnston;

We’ve flown our last contest for the year so the yearly totals are available. We flew 23 contests this year which is astounding because most clubs are lucky to fly 12. These totals reflect two aspect of the contest: good flying and participation. Both are important because without participation we can’t have a contest. Good flying requires a desire to do well preparation and execution. So the the guy that did the best overall  was Tony with 18,284 points. Second was Rick with 17,179 points and  third was Mike W with 16,404 points.

There has been some discussion about a prize for the top pilots so maybe next year we can come up with something. Right now it’s only bragging rights and Tony’s got that.  Congratulations Tony.

Next contest is Wednesday January 8 and I think Morgan wanted to CD. See you there.


Rank    Name              Best 20 Scores
1      Tony Gallo          18284
2      Rick Johnston    17179
3      Mike Wilson       16404
4      Tony Jacobson  13762
5      Steve Dobozy    12452
6      Ken Bradley       11872
7      Daryl Reikki       11595
8      Paul Genshaw    10533
9      Morgan Wilson   8072
10    Perry Abbott     6937
11    Chuck Bowers    6617
12    Fred Jacober     5658
13    Mike Valko         4614
14    Pilot B Pilot B     1876
15    Wade Anke        1799
16    PilotA PilotA      1791
17    Thor Larsen       1588
18    Kent Nogy         1000
19    Bob Van’t Riet   559

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