December 13, 2014 SloFlyers Meeting Minutes

SloFlyers club meeting brought to order by Tony Gallo at 9:30.

Members Present;

  • David Nowell
  • Tony Jacobson
  • Tony Gallo
  • Bob van’t Riet
  • Ron Burn
  • Bill Lander
  • Daryl Riekki
  • Morgan Wilson
  • Perry Abbott
  • Fred Jacober
  • Mike Rittenhouse

Presentation of Appreciation to Bill Lander, Treasurer;

Tony Gallo presented an Appreciation Plaque to Bill Lander for his years of loyal work as Treasurer of SLO Flyers.   Bill also received a SLO Flyers sweatshirt as a gift from the club members.  All Present applauded Bill and thanked him for a job well done.

Field Condition;

The club has received instruction from the ranch manager for the members to use common sense when driving the access roads in rainy weather to prevent rutting.


Regulations by the FAA and AMA are up in the air.  A discussion was held about FPV flying, but no conclusion can be reached until rules have been established.  A recommendation was made that club members obtain FCC licenses to participate in FPV flying.

Sweat Shirts;

Club logo sweat shirts are available from Mike Rittenhouse from the original order.  A second order list is starting for additional shirts.  Contact Mike if you wish SLO Flyer shirts or hoodies.

Honor Flight;

Fred Jacober announced that he, his father and Sel Kaplin participated in the Honor Flight program for WWII vets.  He has placed a video on the SloFlyer website showing the various memorials visited in D.C..

Officer Voting for 2015;

Officers nominated at the November meeting were voted in for 2015.  The vote was made with 33 yes votes on mail in ballots and 11 yes votes by club members present at this meeting.

Quarterly Treasurer Report;

The quarterly summation and proposed budget was presented by new Treasurer, Tony Jacobson.  (Attachments – Proposed 2015 Budget and Treasurers Report 13 Dec 2014)

Meeting adjourned at 10:45


Mike Rittenhouse

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