2015 SloFlyers ALES Contest Championship Series Results

From Rick Johnston;

It was a fun year where we managed to get 21 ALES contest flown. Some contests were pretty difficult to finish with wind and sometimes rain cutting time short and of course the fading lady! And sometimes we ran out of airplanes to fly. We also had some pretty creative ideas by different CDs for timing tasks. And of course what constitutes out of bounds is always up for grabs, shedding parts too. The following final standings reflect the best 11 of a possible 21 contest scores for each pilot. Congratulations to all who entered, attaboys and bragging rights go to the top five places.

The 2016 series starts next Wednesday so get ready for another  fun year of glider competition.


Rank    Name            Best 11 Scores Total
1      Rick  Johnston     10858
2      Mike Wilson         10611
3      Tony Jacobson     10556
4      Morgan Wilson    10443
5      Steve Willison      10291
6      Daryl Riekki         10165
7      Tony Gallo            10093
8      Ken Bradley           9681
9      Chuck Bowers       8538
10    Mike Valco             4159
11    Gary Ellington       2863
12    Jerry Tonnelli       2646
13    Fred Jacober
14    Russ Banner
15    Paul Genshaw

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